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Allpro-the answer to online gaming, NBA betting and NCAAB betting

Allpro is an online gaming site which offers online playing of famous games like casino, poker and blackjack. Bets can also be placed on different sports like the NFL, NBA and the college basketball league of NCAAB. Other than this they also have options of putting bets on the Oscars and the Survivor. They have one of the fastest wagering interfaces on the internet that is laid out very intuitively so that one can calculate all types of bets.

They have different types of bets like point spreads, straight bets, buy points, if bets, over/under game total, teasers etc. Apart from these they have halftime and second half wagering available on all hoops games. Not only college leagues they also have NBA 11st half odds and NBA half time betting lines also. On selected games every night they have the option live betting that can be placed while the game is on, i.e. while watching the game on TV one can place their bets online. A number of future wagers on NCAAB college basketball lines are also available like the odds for the Pac-10 championship, odds for the ACC championship, odds for the SEC championship, odds for the Big 10 championship, odds for the Big East championship and many others. They also have many player proposition wagers for college hoops betting.  Detailed information on such bets is given in the following site . So don’t forget to log into this site when thinking about online bets and also for online games.