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Always Remember to Play the Maximum Bet in Slots

One rule of thumb that should be at the forefront of your mind when you next play slots is that it is always advisable to play the maximum bet. Granted this may vary slightly depending on the game that you’re playing – but in most cases it is definitely true!


Maximum Bet Unlocks the Jackpot

For the vast majority of slots, it is compulsory to play the maximum bet if you intend to hit the jackpot. Assuming you happen to not be playing the maximum bet but land on the jackpot combination – you will win a much lesser amount (if anything).


When it comes to games of progressive slots, this condition is particularly true and essentially universal. Considering you will want to at least have a crack at the jackpot (no matter how remote your odds of actually winning it may be), you will need to play the maximum bet.


Bonus Multipliers Increase Value

Another big difference between playing the maximum bet as opposed to any other bet is that more often than not it will provide you with bonus multipliers. Typically, payout multipliers increase linearly with the bet – but with the maximum bet there is often a ‘jump’.


For example, if you’re betting 1 coin then your payout multiplier would be 1x, 2 coins would give you 2x, but the maximum bet of 3 coins may give you a 4x multiplier!


That increase is what makes it definitely worth betting the maximum – otherwise you’d be losing out on the value that it provides.


Remember to take this into account and if in doubt – play the maximum bet. Otherwise you could check to see that these factors apply to the game of slots that you’re playing in a casino online beforehand, just to make certain.