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Matt’s Lottery Good Fortune

LotteryEveryone dreams of winning enough money to be able to buy what they want; for the lucky few those dreams come true. It is possible to win huge sums these days and every week lotteries make new millionaires. A million is a very nice amount to be able to deposit in your bank account and even travelling the world while staying in the best hotels for a few weeks can hardly make a dent.

Just recently a factory shift worker Matt Myles won £1m and it is certainly changing his life. He decided on a world tour and the only thing that has been a disappointment since winning has been his trip to Brazil to follow England in the World Cup. England failed to register a single win and the team is already home even before the knockout stage of 16 have even been finally decided. Matt still intends to stay in Brazil while the competition runs before moving on to somewhere else.

He is currently travelling the world with his brother Pete and best friend Joe and life has never been better. Before his April win, money had always been tight but he had the money to go into the lottery and hope. He shouldn’t have to worry again if he gets good advice and will be able to do some of the things he had dreamed about.

Investment and the future
He has already invested half of the money and intends to go into property development; with the property market moving ahead after the years of recession it is even a good time to be doing that. However, first they have more of the world to see and he is also planning a three month volunteer stint with UNICEF in Africa.

It sounds as though Matt realises his good fortune and is determined to take advantage of it. There are people who enjoy gambling on everything from horses to cards and casino games. The prizes now on offer through lotteries have resulted in many people putting a little money on them each week. It is not an amount that makes much difference to weekly expenditure and it is now possible to enter by using websites like without even going out of the house.

Equal chance
Professional gamblers always want to know the odds when they are ‘at work.’ It is really a different concept than playing the lottery. If you are optimistic you can take the view that you have as much chance as everyone else, and indeed you have. Someone has to win in the end. In the case of Matt he couldn’t believe his good fortune when his numbers came up but he is certainly grasping his good fortune in both hands. In the weeks to come there will be many more Matts and hopefully they will enjoy their luck as much as he is.

The different ways of choosing your lottery numbers

lotteryPicking the winning lottery numbers is never going to be an exact science. As with any other form of gambling, there’s always an element of luck with scooping the jackpot. However, there are many different ways you can use to choose your numbers, some of which might bring you more luck than others.

Some people prefer to get a lucky dip ticket every week, whereas others have a specific set of numbers that they play. Whatever you choose, there’s no guaranteed way of winning the lottery. The odds are always going to be high, but here are some of the most popular methods lottery players use to select what they hope are the winning numbers.

Key numbers
There are some numbers that come up more often than others and there are those that study these statistics when they purchase lottery tickets. For example in the South African lottery, ball number 16 is the most common and has been drawn 189 times since it started in 2000. The other top numbers that have come out frequently are 2, 30, 33, 17 and 8. However, by using these numbers it may not necessarily mean that your chances of winning will increase. Especially if someone was hoping for all of them to come out together in the same draw, as you would expect the odds of that happening would remain rather low.

Important dates
Another common way of choosing lottery numbers is to use key dates, including birthdays of friends or family. An example of this method coming to fruition recently was seen in Spain’s SuperEnalotto lottery, when a woman used a combination of significant dates to her in order to choose her winning numbers. The full story can be found at:

Less frequent numbers
As well as choosing popular numbers, there are those that decide to look for numbers that haven’t been seen as frequently or haven’t been drawn recently. People may do this on the basis that the law of averages would suggest that they’re overdue to be drawn, and so they might have a better chance of winning. In the South African lottery, the numbers that have been drawn the least in its history are 36, 37, 32, 25, 28. Again, although the method may work to an extent, the odds of all of them coming up together would obviously still be low.

Random choice
Even with all these different ways of selecting numbers, many players still fall back on the classic random selection option. It might seem odd, but experts believe it’s one of the best ways, as it gives you more chances of winning and means you’re likely to win more if you do. This is because there’s less of a possibility that others will have selected the exact same combination.

Whichever your preferred method for choosing numbers may be, the fact remains that there is no proven science which supports either of them as being better than the other. Either way, the lottery will always remain a great bit of fun which gives people the chance to win big.